Structural reinforcements

Our firm carries out the full range of work:

in cases where a damaged structure needs reinstating to its original or a higher level of functioning, including the ability to stand up to prolonged heavy use;

a structure needs reinforcing upon a change of use or occupancy;

or where it is simply necessary to repair faulty, worn, weathered or damaged structural components.

We repair the protective concrete cladding of the armatures of damaged structural parts by removing unsound material, applying passivator and rebuilding the cross-section of the worn part. The structural reinforcement with carbon fibre of reinforced concrete structural elements relates to the use of carbon fibre parts to perform a similar function to the steel bars used in the structure:

that is, to supplement steel uprights in tensile areas, or shear stirrups—always bearing in mind that carbon's reinforcing strength is in only one direction:

along the lie of the fibres. We carry out the functional replacement or reinforcement of floor-slab joists, either because they are worn or because the floor slab's load-bearing capacity needs to be greater.

We make openings in load-bearing walls by executing metal shoring.

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